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PVDC resin grades
PVDC resin is a thermoplastic white powder comprised mainly of PVDC. It is dissolved with a solvent and used as a coating, principally for films. The performance features of PVDC latex coating can be obtained with a smaller amount of coating material.

Aging at 40°C for 2 days





Condition of dissolving Oxygen
permeability *1)
(mL/m2/0.1 MPa/day)
Water vapor
permeability *2)
Solvent Temperature
for dissolving
F216 THF/TOL=2/1 20°C 5 9
MEK/TOL=2/1 70°C 4 8
F310 MEK 20-25°C 18 38
R204 THF/TOL=2/1 50°C 2 4
*1) Coating weight 3 g/m2, 20°C, ≈70%RH, JIS K7126B
*2) Coating weight 3 g/m2, 40°C, 90%RH, JIS K7129
Note: All values are typical laboratory averages obtained using the specified test methods, and not product specifications.
TOL: Toluene
THF: Tetrahydrofuran
MEK: Methyl ethyl ketone.
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